We are an NCS group with an aim to provide space for accessible public toilets for minorities, specifically the trans community, to use without feeling insecure or threatened. We hope to make these spaces easily available.

Therefore, by providing a map with public, non-gendered toilets highlighted, trans individuals can safely do their business. We have confidence that through our project, we will be able to aid trans individuals in finding a safe and secure space to use the toilet.

We plan to map out our local town centre and make the results easily accessible for everyone. 



  • We have partnered our cause with Plush Lounge, the LGBT+ nightclub and bar in Oxford city centre - who kindly gifted us financial aid which eventually helped us with our awareness event and building this website.


Nicole Maines

"This entire issue of transgender people posing a kind of threat to cisgender women in bathrooms is made up. We are just like everybody else - we go into the bathroom, we keep our heads down, we don't look at anybody."




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